Saturday, October 15, 2005

Waveland update

Greeting everyone Firelight here. I am posting in Momma’s absence. The Rainbow Tribe has been very effective in their presence at Waveland. There are a total of 3, to 4 (counting Arjay’s) computers with Internet connections. The Family has opened them up to the public so the citizens can take care of that aspect of their lives. (it’s hard for her to get access and time to post) Momma (Spring) has been working 12-hour shifts cooking, cleaning, making free food signs, entertaining, sharing smiles, hugs, and tears. We are being told that local area populations are choosing to come use the Rainbow kitchen over the government support facilities. The government offers bottled water and M.R.E.’s (Meals ready to eat) for most of you, some can remember this as the old “sea rations”. At the Rainbow camp bottled water, cappuccino, cold fruit smoothies, hot home cooked meals, a friendly environment, and nightly entertainment, Internet connection, and the list goes on and on. All this is being done off the Grid (not plugged into the normal utilities and services modern man has come to know) “Without” the help of Red Cross and F.E.M.A. This has been such a success that Philippe (a Rainbow elder & focalizer) led a small delegation to New Orleans for a kitchen there. Upon setting it up and feeding, the National Guard began using our resources. Within 2 days the local New Orleans police tried to shut down the kitchen. The National Guard came to the Rainbow Family’s defense and would not let them stop us. As a result the Mayor of New Orleans gave Philippe and the Rainbow family the Key to the city and a request for us to open up 10 more kitchens there alone. A delegation of elders and focalizers, have gone to New Orleans to access our ability to do just that. I am at this moment considering picking up my family and going into the region to offer my help as technical support, administrative liaison. Using my formal education, B.S. Computer Science, & B.S Business Management (9 years education courtesy of Uncle Sam and the old G.I. Bill) as well as Backbone at the disposal of the Family’s efforts. I am currently in constant prayer on this very hard that the spirit will guide my life to the Father’s will. “We are at all times where we are suppose to be. The choices we make in the eternal now moment determine our honorable intent, our submission to the Fathers will, the good we help to create, the lives and future we ultimately effect”. To Momma…. “I LOVE YOU!!!!!” To everyone in Waveland, and the region. “My Love, respect and admiration is yours”.

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