Sunday, October 23, 2005

catching up at home...

I finally feel like I'm catching up on everything at home, sleep was the biggest thing I missed. I made it in time for my son's birthday, which made us all happy. Now after the last few days of running around with my head cut off, I have a moment to sit and reflect on my time spent in a place where I went to help others, but these wonderful people helped me in so many more ways, than I could ever offer them.

Ultimately there is something magical about the south, and in the past I felt it was the land, but I was so very wrong, it is the people. The strength, faith, compassion, and gratitude that shone so brightly, that it was a very spiritual experience for me. So many times in my own life, I have felt sorry for myself, and for this I am petty, I know this now. I have heard so many heartbreaking stories of loss and survival that all my problems seem no larger then a pebble in my shoe, annoying, but of no true consequence, or burden.

When Katrina hit I knew that I was suppose to go and help these people, even though there were days I felt I could hardly help myself. I now understand why I was suppose to go, not for what I could give to these people but what they had to give to me. I have often felt that no wall or books were needed to conjugate and share fellowship, but until I went to Waveland, Mississippi I never quite understood just how true this is. In a place where everyone is equal, and to put it in layman terms, the playing field was leveled, where politics and religion truly didn’t matter, nor what street you lived on or your social standing in the community, I saw people from all walks of life pull together and worship, without ever saying the words. Every action, and expression sang the praise and gratitude of life. For this I am grateful too. I have been truly blessed to be witness to such faith and beauty. In a place where everywhere you turn there are signs of destruction and loss, there was also faith and hope. These people need help more than words can express, and if there was every a time a person chooses to be giving of themselves, now is the time to stand up and take action. So even when we tell ourselves that our own lives are too busy, or we just can’t afford to reach out and give, we also need to remember that none of these people asked for this either.

In one fell swoop God cleared everyone’s agendas, and maybe we should take what we can give and take the risk and just do it. As hard as it was to leave my life, being a mother that home schools her three children, and heartbreaking as it was to be so far from my family. I am so GRATEFUL that I have been given the opportunity to receive the wonderful gifts the beautiful people in Waveland, Mississippi have given me, just by being…

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