Saturday, October 01, 2005

From Firelight to Waveland

Hi everyone…. Firelight here, just wanting to let everyone know that the Bloomington caravan will be leaving early in the week. A local brother is donating a tagged & insured car for the kitchen to have a support vehicle. We are awaiting the title (it will arrive on Monday) the cars are loaded with donations of cleaning supplies, bedding, produce and spices. There is no more room unfortunately for riders & we have had to turn away request for transportation. I do have to mention this at this point. The Shawnee gathering is currently going on in Illinois. For those of you family members just wishing to hook up with family and hippies I recommend a road trip there. It is being held in the same place it always is. Lord people Carbondale, Carbondale……… It is the only gathering that is always in the same place year after year. Sorry I digress… We were asked by a sister who clamed to have been family since 1992 but never heard of the gathering. Hmmmm ** scratches head with wonderment.** Anyway If you ever thought cleanup was bad after a gathering (yes hippies can be just as bad as Babylonians) Mother Nature Had a whip ass Party and true warriors are needed. This is our one best chance to show the world that we know how to pick up the pieces, our ideals have true value, and that we are who we say we are.

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