Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sorry we disappeared...We are in waveland...Many positive things happening, should have new site by weeks end and many people showing interest in our project...We were booted from our first site because some people are down here to fleece people and we were fleeced too,for our power pole and it's connection, but we are looking into 4 possible sites, all in the town of Waveland, and we have COMPLETE LOCAL(private,and government) SUPPORT, I'll explain when I have more time what all happened at our old site, but needless to say, we left any and all drama and headaches when we left that mud hole...We are camping at a friends, resting and working on a new spot... We are down to 3 heart-crew members andare needing a few more bodies that can stay long term, so pass iton...Still working on phone issue, but message numbers for us are a brother named Allen 228-216-7893 and Cappy (where we are presently staying) 228-342-8343 and we're working on a new address for mail...WE LOVE YOU

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