Friday, February 24, 2006

A new site found...

Well folks, it's paying off...We have the American Legion site, on Coleman Ave. just a block from the beach, and when the historical society finishes the civic center, we'll be moving the community center into that building for a real community center for the city of Waveland. We also have a small crew in Pearlington now too, and have been asked to go to the Kiln, as of now we can only do Pearlington and the Waveland project until we get more hands,we can move into our new site Thursday morning and we need lots of hands, it's been cleared but not cleaned. We are in need of more cookware spices, teas, coffee, other various herbs, first aid supplies, chocolate, tents of all sizes, tarps, shovels, and heavy duty rakes, and brooms, rope, bug repellents, sun screens, teekee torches, candles, Rainbow flags, bleach, warm winterware, blankets, fun family movies on DVD for family movie night on a screan, fun family games(indoor&outdoor) book for all ages, and all the good family energy that we can get. I'd love to see some familar faces...Hum...Hum...hint...hint..Our mailing address until we have our new one straightened out is:

Ron Parsons attn://Camp Second Helpin'

C/O Morrell foundation

975 S. beach blvd.

Waveland, Ms 39576

and our number is 228-342-8834

You May donate VIA our Paypal axxount o­n paypal to:
webmaster@web-publishing.orgATTN: Camp Second Helpin'

and to check our non-profit statues:We are a regestered Non-Profit with the state of Mississippi secretary of state (see Link)

as: Camp Second Helpin'

I'm hoping to hear from ya'll even if you can't make it down...If you all could see how everyone down here is responding to 'the rainbow hippies' coming back it would give you goosebumps, and it's because of all of you...I Love you guys...I know we'll never be the Cafe', but nor do we want to be, but we do want the feelings that the New Waveland Cafe' brought to people hearts to stay alive...For EVERYONE!!!We all need that...

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