Thursday, August 31, 2006

Family in Waveland MS.

In October 2005 a group of volunteers from Bloomington Indiana left the comfort of their homes and worked in Waveland MS. My wife Spring (aka Momma KaBoom) was one of those wonderful family members that worked in the New Waveland Café. Upon her return we made plans to return to Waveland and work in the Café. Unfortunately it had left for New Orleans before we arrived. We joined them in Chalmette (New Orleans) and helped with the building of that Kitchen (Emergency Communities). The Family was asked to come back to Waveland and so we did. To date we have been working in Hancock County since December 11 2005. Our efforts still continue as we have evolved into a community center. See our progress at:

Or View our Bloomington Indiana website for the Family: Read about our progress, look at our pictures, join the sites and post your comments, but above all be active. It will be several years before this is all over with.

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